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abecd-1.jpg『NATURALISM』Abe Hiroshi&Friends(1996年リリース・税込み2300yen)

1.Give My Regards To Broadway
2.I'm Crazy 'bout My Baby(And My Baby's Crazy 'bout Me)
3.Singin' The Blues
4.I Mean You
5.Danny Boy
7.Nice Work If You Can Get It
8.Black Butterfly
11.The Song Is Ended(but the melody lingers on)

Hiroshi Abe:Guitar,Whistling,arrangements
Tetsu Shimoma:Cornet,Trumpet
Eiji Hanaoka:Clarinet,Piano
Masahiro Goto:Clarinet
Eiji Taniguchi:Clarinet
Jun Inada:Piano
Masato Kobayashi:Bass
Satomi Shiga:Trombone

abecd-2.jpg『Echos of The 78s Era』Hiroshi Abe & His Orchestra(2005年リリース・税込み2500yen)

2.Please Don't Talk About Me
3.The Call Of The Freaks
4.Love will Find A Way
5.In The Shade Of The Old Apple Tree
6.Darn That Dream
7.Japanese Sandman
8.Darkness On The Delta
10.It's The Talk Of The Town
12.Handful Of Keys
13.Peg O'My Heart

Abe Hiroshi:Guitar,Whistling,arrangements
Masahiro Goto:Clarinet
Hideo Kobayashi:Clarinet
Makio Shimizu:Clarinet
Saburo Nakajima:Trombone
Yuji Goto:Flute
Tetsu Shimoma:Cornet
Hajime Kobayashi:Piano
Masato Kobayashi:Bass
Ikumi Nakayama:Piano,Celesta,arrangements
Kohta Arai:Trumpet
Hajime Kono:Horn
Hjime Miura:Drums
Rie Nakayama:Percussion
Satoshi Uegaki:Cond.
Tentet Strings